Think Through Every Shot

I judge a lot of photography competitions, and each month for over 10 years I have done a free photography critique session, both in person and now online for obvious reasons, for my Annapolis Photography Workshop Group. My point is, I have seen a lot of images. What I notice more than anything else is […]

Why Mastering Post Processing Is So Important

Back in the days of negative film and transparencies (slides to some of you), actually shooting the image was just a part of the photographic equation, and typically the quickest part of the equation. I remember how excited we all got when the 35mm cameras started coming out with built-in motorized film advance. Shortly thereafter […]

Photographing Fall Foliage

Autumn Leaves Changing Color

The weather is gradually cooling down this time of year, and depending on where you are located, the summer foliage is starting to transform into the beautiful palette of colors of autumn. Fall foliage is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Around every turn are exciting colors and patterns. There are colors to the […]

Off The Beaten Path

Trees By A White Bridge A Country Side Scene

I love to travel, be it domestically or internationally. These days, and you can well imagine, most of my traveling is local and within the borders of the United States. Regardless of where I go, I love to travel off of the beaten path so to speak. Day trips, weekend trips, and longer trips affords […]

Knowledge is Power

Blue Angels Plane In Flight

Knowledge is Power Welcome to my blog. I plan on blogging regularly because I feel I have a wealth of information that can benefit photographers, models, and my other valuable clients. As some of you know, I am big on education. We all know that Knowledge Is Power. If I can provide you some knowledge […]