Architectural Photography

Architectural photography can be some of the most difficult and time-consuming photography…for some photographers.
At Positive Negatives, we love architectural photography! Properly capturing a home or business on film requires a very specific set of skills. This is true regardless of if the photos are for personal, or business use. Quality photos taken by a master photographer can bring your home or office to life. Our photographs are perfect for real estate purposes to sell a home, or as an architect, interior designer, or contractor to showcase your work.    
A high-quality architectural photo requires: 
  • true vertical and horizontal lines
  • a balance between interior and exterior lighting.
  • depth of field and sharpness.
  • true color balance.
Our goal is to provide you with this and much more when presenting you with the final photographs for all of your architectural needs.  
For aspiring photographers looking to learn more we offer classes in:
  •  architectural photography 
  • lighting 
  • Technique
  • and post-processing 
We are available for private and group lessons and training.  Please contact us directly with any questions.
At Positive Negatives, we know Architectural Photography!