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Knowledge is Power

Welcome to my blog. I plan on blogging regularly because I feel I have a wealth of information that can benefit photographers, models, and my other valuable clients.
As some of you know, I am big on education. We all know that Knowledge Is Power. If I can provide you some knowledge here and there on a regular basis to help you improve upon your craft, then this will be an accomplishment I will be quite proud of.
This pandemic has certainly affected my business, and of course I know I am not alone. After several weeks of wondering what I can do to stay afloat, I started conducting online trainings. I am very thankful that so many of my clients attended these training events live, and have since purchased recorded copies of these trainings. I invite you to browse the library of training videos by clicking here. I know you will be happily surprised to see that I have made most of my videos available for under $10.
If you or someone you know has a desire to improve their photography, I offer a 25-hour one-on-one mentoring program that can be taken in person, online, and in the field. I also offer a complete online-only abbreviated mentoring program. All of these can be seen on my website,, under Training.
I also have a Commercial Model Mentoring Program for anyone that has a desire to be trained and photographed for the commercial modeling arena. This will prepare you for, and provide you with, the training and tools necessary to branch out into commercial modeling.
For the past many years, on a regular basis, I have conducted both photography-related and modeling-related national and international events. Even though the travel has slowed recently, I do have a list of events on my website as well. You can see the upcoming events by clicking here.
Lastly, I have been a photographer for over 40 years, and continue to provide the absolute best quality photography I can to my clients. Click here to view my portfolios of images available for review. I encourage you to browse my work and contact me for a brief assessment of your photography needs and pricing.

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