Food Photography

Boy do we love food!
We love to eat food and we love to photograph food. Food photography is one of the most satisfying genres to photograph for us. There is so much creativity involved in the arranging, styling, lighting, and getting the colors spot on. A high quality meal photograph can be mouth watering. For commercial clients professional photographs of their recipes are perfect for menus, or advertisements to drive clients through their doors.

Food photography can also be the most difficult type of photography for someone without our 40 years of experience. We put everything we’ve learned and everything we know into each and every image we create.
For aspiring photographers looking to learn more about food photography we offer classes in lighting, and styling.  We are available for private and group lessons and training on food photography. You will need to provide your own dishes, but if you need recommendations we have several clients we can recommend who offer very photogenic meals.
At Positive Negatives, we know Food Photography!