I love to travel, be it domestically or internationally. These days, and you can well imagine, most of my traveling is local and within the borders of the United States. Regardless of where I go, I love to travel off of the beaten path so to speak. Day trips, weekend trips, and longer trips affords me the opportunity to explore and to create some great landscapes.

Maryland Countryside Photography By David M. Blecman

On a recent week-long trip to the Bar Harbor, Maine region, I had several opportunities to travel unfamiliar territory (all of it was unfamiliar to me) and do some exploring. The weather was in the 70’s and the humidity was low as well. Quite a difference from the mid 90’s we have been experiencing in Maryland at the time.
What I will typically do is look at an online map of an area and then I look for water. Where there is water are usually bridges to shoot from or just great reflections of the surroundings.
A picture quaint walking bridge in the Maine countryside
If there are some great skies during the day, even better. A great sky to a photographer is one with stunning clouds against a great blue backdrop.

Picturesque shot of a stream of water near emerald hills

When I compose a landscape, I look for layers. Maybe there are some foreground grasses or a nearby tree, and then possibly a stream or lake or a meadow. Then another layer may be mountains or another line of trees, and then lastly a layer of the sky.

A small creek carving through a forest of pine trees

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