The 2025 Bahamas Model Cruise
Information & Pricing Schedule

The payments for this incredible cruise photography event will be made to two parties:
Positive Negatives and Dream Vacations- Gerber & Assoc., LLC 

The total for this event is $1629. If we book six models, $130 will be deducted off of your Nov 1st payment to Positive Negatives.

To officially lock in your slot, you will need to make two deposit payments.

First, you will make a $250 deposit to Positive Negatives by CLICKING HERE

Then, you will make a $250 stateroom deposit to Dream Vacations- Gerber & Assoc., LLC  by calling Renee Gerber at 410.808.7041

Your stateroom balance of $466.18 to Dream Vacations- Gerber & Assoc., LLC will not be due until October 1, 2024. You will be notified how to make that payment.

Your remaining balance of $663 to Positive Negatives can be split up interest-free as follows:

July 1st: $221
September 1st: $221
November 1st: $221

You will be notified as to how to make those payments online.
All payments must be completed on time and are non-refundable.
We HIGHLY suggest Travel Insurance in the event that you need to cancel.