Workshop Feedback

What Our Past Workshop Attendees
Have to Say:

“Let me start out by saying I absolutely LOVE your work!! I think it was over a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon your Meetup group and decided to join.  I was blown away by your talent and knowledge for photography!!  I also have a photography business and was still learning at the time.  I was so inspired by you and your work, I wanted to bring my photography to the next level.  I had taken a couple of classes at the college but left feeling frustrated because I didn’t feel like I had learned anything.  Then after talking with you through the meet-ups, I decided to take one of your classes.  Wow!! What a difference.  It was a class about learning how to use and understand your camera, and I felt like I left that class with a lot more knowledge then I had coming in.  I then decided I wanted to learn even more, so I decided to take a private lesson with you.   In one lesson, I learned everything I needed to know about proper exposure, white balance and using a light meter.  Recently I wanted to learn more about studio lighting, so I hired you to teach me.   I have to tell you that you are an extremely helpful and patient person.  Your love for photography and helping others learn and grow definitely shows through your teaching.  Thank you for helping me to grow in my photography!!”
Alison Wilson

“FIRST RATE! From start to finish this trip went smoothly with nary a misstep. I can’t even begin to imagine the months and hours that went into its planning. I loved the B & B accommodations! Mostly they were centrally located, allowing for walking around towns and chatting with the locals. That was a plus! Dave arranged for a driver/guide that considered Southwestern Ireland his backyard. Dave and Patrick conferred on location choices that offered great photographic opportunities in mostly remote locations.”This was a great way to spend the weekend. Dave was ultra organized and the schedule really squeezed in a lot. Each of the sites could easily support a full day (or more) of shooting, but because Dave knew his way around, we got to the right spot quickly and were able to experience quite a bit. The tips and instruction Dave gave was right on target and I feel like I’ve learned quite a few things that will help my photography for years to come. Dave made himself 100% available to all of us at each shoot, checking our settings, composition etc. Generous with his time, he also made himself available for one on one consults when we weren’t out shooting He taught me a new way to shoot and better ways to see, really see, my options. I won’t kid you, there were some long, intense days…but each and every day brought satisfaction. I’m 77. This trip tested me physically, almost to my limits, but each morning I couldn’t wait to get out there to see what the day would bring! Thanks Dave for delivering a truly“Phenomenal”experience. You rock!
Sandra Burch

“This trip was awesome, from the pre-planning and information provided before we left to the very last moment of the last day. The locations chosen were beautiful and the flexibility of the schedule allowed us to spend more or less time in each spot as we needed. As always, Dave was readily available and eager to provide additional help and instruction. This was a great group to travel with and I made a couple of new friends. Thanks, Dave, for a wonderful experience.”
Patricia Kotzen

“I had a blast and I would do it again in a heart beat. You did a great job and it was great fun. I will be in touch very soon.Thanks & Keep Smiling!”
Pat O’Brien

“I had a blast!!! I cannot wait to get my images!!! I know a lot of them should be really great! You are a great photographer and a lot of fun!! I would love to do another cruise…or anything really…let me know when and where and I am game!! Keep in touch and let me know when there is something else going on….SERIOUSLY!!!”
Stacie Snow 🙂

“I want to tell you how much of a pleasure it was meeting with you both and how much I will never forget this trip. I had so much fun and got some terrific images from all the photographers. And made some new friends that I will not forget about for a long time going. I would love to be included on this next cruise you guys plan. I think you putting these events together is a wonderful thing and it makes me know you have a great heart.”
Andrea Rubio

“Your workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Not at one time did you speak over the head of anyone in the audience, but you presented even the most basic information in such a way that you kept the interest of the more experienced shooters, also. The personal attention you gave to every attendee was great also. It was obvious you really wanted everyone to get their money’s worth, and leave with useful information. You more than succeeded!! Add me to your mailing list for future events.”
Bob Sykes

“As for the workshop, it was definitely worth the long drive from Boston. In the past few months I have been trying to learn all that I can about this new style of photography, a new style for me anyway, and your workshop taught me more than I could ever have imagined. You have a great way of explaining things and are not at all condescending like so many other “pros”. Even the newest novice could have understood what you were trying to get across. The models were great, you did an excellent job selecting them. I will not hesitate to attend another that interests me.”
Tim Morehead

“First, I was VERY, VERY impressed with the workshop…I’ve only taken three but that was by far the most informative. The setting was great and the size of the class was just right. As I said, I’ve taken other workshops where there are great models, I got great pictures, it was well known workshops, but there isn’t really any instruction. I learned more from you in four hours then I did in those other workshops combined. I was glad you spent so much time explaining lighting and effects and the other details and instruction as you did. THAT’S what I was looking for in regard to my setting up some type of location photography and taking these types of pictures. The shoots I have had were in hotel/house rooms that size so what you presented was perfect!”
Ray Jones

“As for Your teaching ability, I would have to say I had attended 5 other workshops in the last year and I believe I picked up more from your shop than any other two combined.”
Roy Kemmerling

“I had a great time at your workshop on Saturday. I very much liked the location you chose. It was good to see a location I had not previously considered using. What I found most helpful was the time you took to explain what shot you wanted to get, and how to achieve that picture. Setting the lights, and metering them one by one was very helpful to me. I have been at workshops where how the lights were set was never explained. I had considered attending (a different) Glamour workshop on the same day as yours, but I was afraid it would be just a bunch of guys crowding around and shooting glamour models. His workshop was almost double the price of yours. I fee that yours was good value for me, and I was glad my friend Ray came down from NY to join me. “
Victor Naumann

“Hi Dave,Lloyd here! Thanks for getting back with me on your work shop! it was Great! I learned a lot in your 4 hr. workshop, the location was Great but your instructions on your set-ups were even better! Down to earth so everyone could understand what you wanted to do and achieve in this workshop! And you nailed it! At least for me! Perfect shots right out of the camera with little to no Photoshop! I could not believe the results that I got when I got home that day! I was in OMG I cant believe my eyes at the results! The girls were Great & the price!~ well worth every penny to me! You are the Man, Thanks a Million for all of the information you taught me! Even though there were 10 other photographers there it seemed to me like it was a one on one workshop! “
Lloyd Stone

“I seriously doubt that anyone was more pleased or impressed than I was with the shoot yesterday. I’m somewhat accustomed to expecting “first class” when you plan events, but I think you exceeded yourself this time. You are to be congratulated and thanked, once again, Dave. I’m looking forward to personal results that compare to the event. If my work turns out half as good as the event itself, I think the models will be very pleased and impressed.”
Lee Strickland

“When I found out that your outdoor images were captured without using flash, reflectors, or other devices requiring an assistant, I was determined to learn how you did it. The workshop last Saturday was like an Epiphany for me. I can’t tell you how many books on lighting and metering I’ve read, but it never really clicked in my brain. I have never been to a workshop where I learned so much in such a short amount of time. This is getting a bit longer than I intended, but I want to share one more thing. I went to a workshop in New Jersey on Sunday. I used exactly the same techniques you showed me on Saturday for all my shooting there. I was the only photographer there who was NOT using flash or reflectors. I let the others shoot the way they wanted, then I moved in, took my meter readings, and set up the shot. I shot Polaroids for every model, showing them what I was doing. After the first couple of Polaroids were passed around, every model there wanted to work with me one-on-one. That was a first for me. The image on the Polaroid was better than the prints that they are used to receiving from these shoots. I credit the lessons learned from your workshop on Saturday with the response I got on Sunday. Thank you, Dave.”
Russ Packham