“Let me start out by saying I absolutely LOVE your work!! I think it was over a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon your Meetup group and decided to join.  I was blown away by your talent and knowledge for photography!!  I also have a photography business and was still learning at the time.  I was so inspired by you and your work, I wanted to bring my photography to the next level.  I had taken a couple of classes at the college but left feeling frustrated because I didn’t feel like I had learned anything.  Then after talking with you through the meet-ups, I decided to take one of your classes.  Wow!! What a difference.  It was a class about learning how to use and understand your camera, and I felt like I left that class with a lot more knowledge then I had coming in.  I then decided I wanted to learn even more, so I decided to take a private lesson with you.   In one lesson, I learned everything I needed to know about proper exposure, white balance and using a light meter.  Recently I wanted to learn more about studio lighting, so I hired you to teach me.   I have to tell you that you are an extremely helpful and patient person.  Your love for photography and helping others learn and grow definitely shows through your teaching.  Thank you for helping me to grow in my photography!!

Alison Wilson


“Just wanted to tell you a couple of things.  This is not a ‘suck-up” since … what would be the point?  That said, I feel so fortunate and just plain lucky to have found this group with you at the helm.  You are so selfless in sharing your knowledge and encouraging each of us to do better work.  Thank you so much for the time, passion and knowledge you give us.  I love the critiques and learn something from everyone’s photography …. including my own of course.  Just sayin”

Marie York


“Along with being a very nice person, David is an extremely talented photographer, writer and teacher. He has had a very special column in my Tear Sheet acting and modeling newsletter for many years. He brings such an amazing insight into the world of photography. The ideas, suggestions and comments that he makes while critiquing photos has been invaluable to the thousands of subscribers of my newsletter. David has also been a guest speaker at some of my Becoming a Successful Actor and Commercial Model workshops. He offers amazing knowledge to the attendees, in a very warm and friendly way.”

Aaron Marcus
America’s Premier Acting/Modeling Career Coach, Lecturer
Author – How to Become a Successful Commercial Model


“I have been using Dave Blecman for the last fifteen years to take pictures of our completed casework projects. Dave is always easy to work with and brings a lot of ideas to the table about where the best shot is and how best to set up the shot. We have used his photos in all of our promotional material including our website and will continue to use Dave in the future.”

George H. French III
Cabinet Max Corporation


“I have used Dave for several projects and was totally (let me repeat that-TOTALLY) satisfied with his professionalism and the results that he achieved. He made me feel very comfortable and assured with his knowledge, skills and funny sense of humor. I’ve had him photograph both products and models for me and found his suggestions and extra efforts were very rewarding i.e. arranging the products in makes sense order, using the right amount of light for great quality shots and even introducing me to prospective models for both photo and voice over work.  Hands down, I’d recommend Dave to anyone!”

Tom Bury
College Park, MD


“Looking in the mirror on a bad-hair day can be daunting enough, having professional pictures taken was not how I wanted to spend a rainy afternoon.  Yet David met me at the door with an umbrella in hand and walked me through the process one step at a time. I was very comfortable. His professional experience was evident throughout the sitting as well as with the final results.  I highly recommend David Blecman. Especially for those who hate having their pictures taken – it will be the one picture you love to share.”

Mary Ann
Chief Marketing Officer
USCG Community Credit Union


“Every time one of the models from a past cruise steps up to the next level in modeling and gets a little more confidence and shows better modeling skills and publishes a wow image, I think about you! ‘Coach’ you have an amazing ability because 80% of the girls that you select are very photogenic and fun people. Smile, No I don’t need anything and I’m not selling anything.

Just a genuine thank you note to let you know I appreciate the work you put into these photo cruises and I can only hope that someday, I may acquire one fourth of the knowledge and talent that you have in the photography business. I think about the hundreds of hours you spend selecting the models for cruses and my conclusion is you have a very good eye for beauty and talent. Maybe a sixth sense to have a feeling about a girls potential. 

I could go on with more examples but let me stop and conclude. ‘Coach’ the cruises are getting better and better. The models are getting better and better. Keep up the good work and know that a few of us notice what you do for us.”
Thank you for what you do.

Richard Curtis

“I give Dave and the experts he assembled last night five stars… if I could give 10 stars I would! All of the advice was golden – I’m gonna make copies of all the information and all the notes I took and put them in my safe-deposit box. Seriously, for someone with me with a fair amount of photography experience but little understanding of business, and particularly, promotion, this was a superb seminar.”

Steve Rosenbach