Side Street Framers Display FAQs

Display FAQs

Q: Why has SSF&GG decided to be so generous and offer to display our work?

A: Because SSF&GG, in conjunction with Positive Negatives, supports the growth and education of photographers of all skill levels, and because they’re really cool people.

Q: Why must I be a member of both Meetup groups to participate?

A: Because it’s a two-way street. You support us by joining our groups at no charge to you, and we in turn support your efforts as a photography community. Another advantage is that you get notifications on what both groups are up to, what we are offering and teaching, and any events we schedule that you may be interested in. Plus we look important by having you as a member!

Q: Why do I need to attend the critique just to submit images?

A: Because this program is about education too. We want to give you professional credible advice on what you are doing well as a photographer, and also how to improve and grow as a photographer. These critiques may provide some insight as to why, or why not, certain images have been chosen for display, and to better your chances of getting chosen. Plus, your body heat helps keep the electricity bill down.

Q: Who decides if my image is to be displayed at an 11×14 or as a 16×20?

A: The experts at SSF&GG will make that determination based on their years of retail experience in the arts. Your photo may have more impact as a 16×20, or may be better suited at an 11×14. Keep asking these questions and we may just frame yours as a wallet print!

Q: Why do I have to pay a fee for SSF&GG to hang my photograph?

A: SSF&GG is now giving the photographer 100% of the gross sale price of the photograph, so the $32 per image fee includes the handling of your print, the hanging of your print, and the real estate it’s hanging on.