Side Street Framers Display Rules

The Side Street Framers
Photography Wall of (future) Fame

Details to Have Your Work Displayed

1. You must be a member of The Annapolis Photography Workshop Group and The Side Street Framers & Gift Gallery Events Group to enter photos. Simply click on the names to join.

2. You can submit up to three images that were taken within the past 90 days that fit the topic for each monthly critique in JPG format.

I recommend that the original is saved in a TIFF file as large as possible in case your image is chosen and needs to be printed down the road.

Now, as far as what you email to me as a JPG file, the longest dimension for the image you submit for the critique night should be 1024 pixels long. So a vertical photo will be 1024 tall by whatever the length comes out to be, and a horizontal photo will be 1024 wide by however tall the height comes out to be. Your entries must be sent to me no later than 11:59pm on the Sunday prior to the critique date.

The file name of the image needs to be the title of the image (underscore) and your first and last name. As an example, if the title of an image I submit is called Bay Bridge Sunset, the image file name would be baybridgesunset_davidblecman.jpg

Please, no borders or watermarks on the digital images you submit for critique.

3.  Email your entries to with “(the month) Image Critique” in the subject line.

4. You must attend the photo critique/educational session for the months that you submit your images, located at Side Street Framers & Gift Gallery (SSF&GG), now the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. This is not a competition, and no ribbons will be awarded.

5.  All images chosen by SSF&GG must be printed on the photographers’ choice of either gallery wrapped canvas, metal, or glass, and dropped off personally signed within 15 calendar days (if possible) after you are notified that your image was chosen, and as an 11×14 or 16×20 as per the photographers’ choice. It is highly recommended that you search Groupon, Living Social, or Amazon Local for discounts always available for canvas, metal, and glass prints.

6.  All entrants must pay a fee of $32 per image when your image(s) are dropped off to cover the cost of hanging, wrapping of sold images, collection of revenue, credit card charges, etc. If your image is sold, you will receive 100% of the total sale price. It’s all yours! All images will be priced at under $100 to help encourage more sales.

7.  All images will be displayed on their wall for 30 days, and then possibly displayed at different venues across the state at $15 per venue to cover transport and hanging, at the option of the photographer.

8.  All images sold within the first two weeks will be eligible to have a replacement image printed and displayed until the conclusion of the display period, at the option of the photographer.

9. An exciting feature to our photograph exhibit will be a “Viewers Choice Award”.  As customers view the exhibit they will be able to cast their “vote” as to who should win the award.  Our hope is that this new feature will create an excitement and create a “buzz” to our exhibit, which will create more exposure for you and for us. During the following month reception, we will reveal the winner.  Each photographer will receive a certificate of excellence.  The photographer who’s photograph was voted to win the “Viewer’s Choice Award” will be promoted on our website & Facebook Page for 30 days, and their work will be custom framed.  The “Viewer’s Choice Award” custom framed photograph will be placed on display and for sale in our store.