Seeing It Differently Video Training

Seeing It Differently
A One-Hour Video Training Course


So by now you may have a pretty good understanding of how to use your camera, or maybe you don’t want to get all technical and you just want to throw it on Auto and concentrate more on composition and creating some inspiring images. This video is for you.

In this video, we’ll take a look at very easy-to-understand ideas, advice, and techniques to help you create more interesting photographs.


I’ll discuss how to use various vantage points to create better images, how to make the lines in your images more interesting, why you may not want all of your subjects in the center of your image. I’ll show you when you might want to turn a color photograph into a black and white, and why you may not want the entire subject in focus.

I’ll discuss elements of a photograph such as color, pattern, texture, perspective, selective focus, lines, reflection, emotion, patience, and much more, all during an entertaining, relaxing 60-minute video, including awesome background music by my son Scott.


“Dave: Just got finished viewing your video “Seeing It Differently”. Even though I knew many of the concepts (rule of thirds, etc.) used in the video, seeing the many photo samples using the concepts really helped to drive it home. One thing I really took notice of was the effective use of “selective focus” and the many ways it can be used to create stronger images. Overall, this is a great training vehicle for emphasizing the concepts you are always pointing out in your workshops and photo tours. I strongly recommend this training video for photo shooters of all skill levels.”

Michael Lopes

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