Some Details Concerning This Incredible Event

Some Details Concerning This Incredible Event

I have decided to let everyone make their own accommodations based on your budget and preferences. Some of you may want to stay at a more extravagant hotel, B&B, AirBnB, etc., and some of you may want to stay more budget conscious. Therefore, feel free to stay at whichever accommodations that suit your needs.

1. You will need accommodations close to the Historic Charleston Downtown District for the evenings of June 8th and 9th. The workshop will start in Historic Charleston at approx. 8am on June 9th. Of course you can come to Charleston earlier if you want. I highly recommend looking at the Mt. Pleasant area or Patriot’s Point area for numerous accommodations that will be very affordable, and only 15 mins from the Historic District. We will relocate to Savannah on the morning of June 10th.

2. You will need accommodations close to the Historic Savannah Downtown District for the evening of June 10th and most likely June 11th, as our workshop will end at approx. 5pm on June 11th. You can of course skip out of town right after the workshop, or earlier if you’d like, but that’s up to you. There are affordable accommodations in the Savannah Historic District, and of course just outside of the area.

3. We will be having an informal dinner and training session concerning relevant camera settings Friday evening June 8th at approx 8pm at a location I will choose at a later date located close to the Charleston Historic District.

4. All event payments are non-refundable but may be gifted or transferred to another individual.

5. Please learn the basics of your camera prior to the event. Please read your manual and understand how to change your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings on your camera. This is very important.

6. All skill levels are encouraged and welcome.

7. There will be lunch stops each day.

8.This will be a relaxing event with PLENTY of photographic opportunities at every turn.

9. Be prepared to walk each day, for no more than 2 hours at a clip, with lunch or driving time to break up the 2 hour intervals. The walking will be at a slow, relaxed pace on flat surfaces with no hills.