Portraits With the Pros


Portraits With the Pros

An Incredible Workshop Focusing on
Wedding and Beauty Portraiture
Featuring Award Winning Pros
Fred Silber & Dave Blecman

Lecture & Hands-On Workshop Featuring
Live Bride, Groom, and Model

Join Us For This 4-Hr Workshop and We’ll Teach You the Ins and Outs, Dos and Dont’s Of Photographing Brides and Grooms, Both Individually and Together


We’ll Also Show You How to Simply Create Some of the Most Consistent Everyday Portraits
as Well as Stunning Elegant Beauty Portraits


You Will Learn:

How Wedding and Glamour Portraiture Differ
Lighting & Camera Functions & Capabilities
The Importance of Proper Exposure & White Balance 
Essential Equipment Such As Lenses, Lighting, Meters, Etc
Posing of the Hands, Feet & Body for Brides, Grooms, and Glamour
Posing Brides & Grooms Individually or Together
Relaxed, Natural & Creative Posing with Fluid Transitions
Feminine Poses vs Masculine Poses
How to Deal with Differing Heights and Body Sizes
How to Create Simple Portraits and Beauty Images with Minimal Equipment 

Date: Saturday December 12th, 2015
1:00 pm~ 5:00 pm
Location: Annapolis, MD

Attendance: Strictly Limited to 12

First Four to Book: $169 <—This Price SOLD OUT
Next Four to Book: $179  <—This Price SOLD OUT
Last Four to Book: $199

All Model Fees Included

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All Workshop Payments are Non-Refundable. If Workshop is Cancelled Due to a Weather Issue,
You May Attend the Newly Selected Date, or Use Your Payment for a Future Workshop.
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