NM Photographer’s Suggestion List

Below is a list of suggested equipment and supplies for your
New Mexico Model Event Workshop.

The items in red are a MUST
The items in green are not essential but suggested for a better experience
The items in black are optional and not required
Buy from whatever vendor you are comfortable with.

1. A Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera.

2. An original or downloaded copy of your camera’s owner manual

3. An assortment of  lenses

4. A sufficient supply of memory cards

5. A sufficient supply of batteries and/or chargers

6. A tripod for indoor shooting on Sunday

7. A hand held incident meter. This will be your most valuable tool if you can afford one. I recommend this Sekonic L758 or this Sekonic L478. The discontinued Sekonic L358 is also a great choice.

8. A gray target for optimal white balance, such as this

9. Simple travel first aid kit

10. Any and all medications and toiletries you may need

11. Note pad for trainings

12. Layers of clothing and hiking boots or appropriate shoes for mud and possibly wet conditions

13. Plenty of snacks and liquids to take on location

14. A computer to download your images into and a flash drive to move some onto if you want to be part of the photo critique and sharing.

15. A device to backup your images onto. You should have TWO copies of everything, or upload to the cloud, before you clear your cards.

16.  A Hoodman Loupe, such as this one or this one, or one of the newer knock-offs for way less. This is an AWESOME accessory to look at your LCD screen in the bright sun or to see what you’re really capturing.

17. Studio lighting or speedlights, and stands if you want to do some indoor shooting.