The New Mexico Landscape FAQ’s

Here are Some Answers to
Some Questions You May Have:

Q. What if I am local to Albuquerque and I do not need a hotel room?
A. You would still need to pay your $795 event fee plus an additional $75 to help cover the training room at the hotel.

Q. I see that the $795 can be split up into three payments?
A. Yes

Q. Can two photographers share a room?
A. Yes. You would both pay Positive Negatives $795. Then simply book one room and split the room bill upon checking out.

Q. What if I bring a significant other or guest to share my room but they are not a photographer?
A. All non-participating guests will pay no fees to share your room, but they cannot travel with us nor sit in on any training.

Q. Can non-photographers, such as family or friends that want to take advantage of the group rate, book a room with the group and just do their own thing separate from this event?
A. Yes, as long as my block of rooms is still available

Q. When should I plan on arriving and departing, and from which airport?
A. You want to arrive on Thursday April 14th so you will be ready to start in the morning of the 15th. You want to fly into ABQ. You want to depart anytime on Monday April 18th, or late on Sunday the 17th if need be but you may miss photo sharing, or some of the afternoon session.

Q. So when does this event actually start?
A. We informally start on Thursday evening, April 14th with a social get-together.

Q. And when does this event formally end?
A. Our last training and photo sharing will take place on Sunday night, April 17th.