Photographer Mentoring Program



The Positive Negatives
Photography Mentoring Program

If you REALLY have a desire to become a better photographer, with an internationally recognized photographer and instructor by your side, step by step, then this intensive twenty-five hours of one-one-one, in-the-field training with David Blecman, with over 39 years of experience,
is just what you have been waiting for.

This course will be spread out over several weeks or months, at your pace, to help you become a much better photographer. Guaranteed!


Section One:

Making the Right Equipment Choices

Learn Your Camera Inside and Out

The buttons, the dials, the menu, the settings, the preferences, the obvious, and the not-so-obvious.

The Exposure Triangle; These are the three major elements in the process of creating an image.

Understand Depth of Field and Aperture

Understand Shutter Speed

Understand ISO and Sensor Sensitivity

Understand Your Camera’s Metering System and What Your Camera “Sees”

Learn Evaluative Matrix Metering, Spot Metering, and Center-Weighted Metering, and when and how to utilize them.

Understand Exposure Compensation

Learn the Importance of an Incident Meter

Understand the Relevance and Importance of Gray in Photography

Understand Color Temperature and White Balance


Why You Will Be Shooting In RAW From Now On

Getting Your Images Tack Sharp

Focusing Techniques

Manual Focus vs Auto Focus

Live View Focusing (if applicable to your camera)

Why You Must Have, and Use, a Good Tripod

Back Button Focusing. You’ll Never Switch Back

Section Two:

Selecting Your First Specialty (choose one)

Landscapes: including in-the-field training
Portraiture: including live subjects
Architecture: including in-the-field training
Wildlife: including in-the-field training
Food: including actual food photography
Product: including actual product photography
Fashion: including live model in-the-field training
Boudoir: including live model in-the-field training

Section Three:

Image Transfer

Image Storage and Backup

Computer Display Calibration

Learning Lightroom

            Learning NIK

            Photoshop Basics

            Learning to Print

Total Investment: $2599
Includes all applicable training materials or model fees
Payable at the start of the first session
Non-Refundable if you do not continue
Further training for additional Specialty Subjects in Section Two will be $599 each.