May Cruise Photographer Pricing

Your Opportunity to Photograph The Most Beautiful Models On the Planet and Capture 1000s of Images
Model Releases Included

The listed pricing includes:
A shared category IF inside stateroom with another photographer,
including everything listed at this link
Incredible professional caliber and aspiring models
5-6 hours of photographing the models each of 3 days
2:1 photographer to model ratio or better
Scheduled optional workshops
Optional one-on-one mentoring
Optional personal image critique
Dinner each evening with the models
Model Releases

And much more.

Regular Pricing: $1799

Payment Plan Available
Only $300 Needed to Book Your Slot

($400 Needed to Book Private Cabin)

Final Payment Not Due Until March 15, 2013

Call 410.465.8585 NOW to Book

You may upgrade your stateroom category at your own expense.
You can bring a significant other for only $467 additional and share your cabin with them.
You may book a private IF category stateroom for just an additional $369 (I say DO IT!),
or get a private upgraded cabin for a bit more.

The quoted pricing includes the actual total Cruise Fare due to Norwegian Cruise Lines, as well as the Event Fee. Split payments will be made to both Norwegian Cruise Line and Positive Negatives. The Event Fee includes, but is not limited to; compensating some of the models’ cruise fees and travel expenses, Positive Negatives’ cruise fees and travel expenses, 8-months planning expenses and screening of models, meeting space, and profit. Any monies paid to Norwegian Cruise Lines will be refundable as per their policy. All fees paid to Positive Negatives to cover said event fees are non-refundable, as these funds are used to book and pay for the models, airfare, and expenses.

* Airfare Not Included

Positive Negatives


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