Sunday with the Pros


Sunday with The Pros

A Fantastic Workshop at a Baltimore City
Architectural Salvage Yard

Focusing on Photographing Textures, Lines, Shapes, Shadows,
Patterns, Intricate Details, and Much More


Taught by Award Winning Pros
Fred Silber & Dave Blecman


Join Fred & Dave as they work with you hands-on in the field.

You Will Learn:

The Importance of Proper Exposure & White Balance
How To Effectively Utilize Your Camera’s Live View
How to Properly Use an Incident Meter and Why

Essential Equipment Such As Lenses, Tripods,
Gray Targets, Color Passports, Etc

Capturing Textures, Details, Patterns, Shadows, Leading Lines,
Architecture, and More

Sunday, June 12th
Noon – 3pm
Baltimore City

Limited to 12 Photographers
First 6 to Book: Only $99 THIS PRICE SOLD OUT

Second 6 to Book: $124  FOUR SLOTS REMAIN

Exact Location to Be Emailed to Paid Reservations

All Workshop Payments are Non-Refundable Unless Workshop is Cancelled Due to Horrific Weather.
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David M. Blecman and Fred Silber.
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David M. Blecman or Fred Silber is illegal. All photos © 2016