Florida Winter Workshop Suggested Equipment

Suggested equipment and Supplies for
The Fantastic Florida March Workshop

Below is a list of what you can get away with as far as equipment at the absolute minimum:

1. Your camera
2. A wide to telephoto lens, or lenses
3. Memory cards
4. Batteries

For a more complete photography experience and a more complete training experience, I recommend the following guidelines:

The items in red are a MUST
The items in green are not essential but suggested for a better experience
The items in black are optional and not required

1. A Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera

2. An original or downloaded copy of your camera’s owner manual

3. Wide angle and zoom lenses

4. A sufficient supply of memory cards

5. A sufficient supply of batteries and/or chargers

6. A  tripod. Tripods are prohibited at some locations

7.  A circular polarizing filter that fits your len(es)

8. A hand held incident and/or spot meter. This may be your most valuable tool if you can afford one. I can help you choose the right one

9. A gray target for optimal white balance

10. Any and all medications and toiletries you may need

11. Note pad for training

12. Clothing and appropriate shoes for a day of walking. Be prepared for warm beautiful sunny days!

13. A device to backup your images onto

14. A Hoodman LCD Loupe to view your images out in the field

15. Knee Pads