Florida Winter Workshop Suggested Equipment

Suggested Equipment and Supplies for
The Fantastic Florida January Workshop

Tripods will not be necessary for this workshop but are optional if you prefer one.
Below is a list of what you can get away with as far as equipment at the absolute minimum:

1. Your camera
2. A wide to telephoto lens, or lenses
3. Memory cards
4. Batteries and chargers
5. Camera Strap

For a more complete photography experience and a more complete training experience, I recommend the following guidelines:

The items in red are a MUST
The items in green are not essential but suggested for a better experience
The items in black are optional and not required

1. A Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera

2. An original or downloaded copy of your camera’s owner manual

3. Wide angle and zoom lenses

4. A sufficient supply of memory cards

5. A sufficient supply of batteries and/or chargers

6. A gray target for optimal white balance

7. Any and all medications and toiletries you may need

8. Note pad for training

9. Clothing and appropriate shoes for a day of walking. Be prepared for warm beautiful sunny days!

10. A device to backup your images onto

11. A Hoodman LCD Loupe to view your images out in the field