Cuba Workshop Equipment Recommendations

Below is a list of suggested equipment and supplies for your
Incredible Cuba Workshop

The items in red are a MUST
The items in green are not essential and optional

1. A Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera. I highly recommend a Digital SLR if you can afford one. I would be happy to help you make a wise, inexpensive purchase, but a Point and Shoot camera will still capture awesome images, you just won’t have as many accessories or options available to you as you would with a DSLR.

2. An original or downloaded copy of your camera’s owner manual or BETTER YET, a book about your camera.

3. Wide angle and zoom lenses.

4. A sufficient supply of memory cards.

5. A sufficient supply of batteries and/or chargers. YES, bring more than one charger. They DO break too.

6. Anti-diarrheal medicine, cold medicine, Pepto Bismol tablets or equivalent, and any and all other medications and toiletries you may need. Bring more than you think you might need in the event of an extended stay for any medical reasons.

7. A power strip

8. Clothing and appropriate shoes for cool and wet or muddy weather conditions.

9. A device for downloading and backing up your images.

10. A Hoodman LCD Loupe like this one to view your images out in the field. Very important.

11. Circular polarizing filters for any lenses you may need them on.

12. A gray target for optimal white balance. 

13. Although we used a tripod infrequently on our last Cuba trip, if you’re bringing one, get a sturdy one with a very good tripod head. Invest in a good one. You’ll need one for night photography of course.

14. A remote shutter release for long exposures and to avoid camera shake. You may be able to use one that’s wireless, or you may need to get one that’s wired and plugs into your camera. Get one that works with your camera, if your camera will in fact work with one. Get extra batteries for it too. LEARN HOW TO USE IT BEFORE YOU COME.

15. Note pad for training.

16. Neutral density filters for any lens you may need them on

17. Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter such as THIS ONE.