The Cuban Photography Workshop of a Lifetime


Cuba Beyond Belief

A Photographic Workshop and Cultural Experience of a Lifetime

Thursday February 8th thru Thursday February 15th

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Go on the photographic adventure of a lifetime with an amazing guided photographic tour that only Positive Negatives can provide. This one-of-a-kind custom tailored once-in-a-lifetime photographic experience offers you the rare opportunity to explore this beautiful island country that few have been able to visit, all while learning how to create and capture the very best imagery possible.

You’ll witness and photograph firsthand the vast richness of culture, history, and architecture that Cuba has to offer. Our professional, personally guided photographic workshop isn’t for those that want a typical “touristy” picture-taking vacation. During this magnificent workshop you’ll take the roads less traveled, interact with locals, and see a side of Cuba that you never knew existed. Our goal is to make your experience feel like you’re living and breathing the magnificence of this land, right along side the locals.

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To guarantee a deeper connection with the culture and people you’ll encounter during your adventure, the “Casa Particular” accommodations will provide you with a more intimate Person to Person experience. You’ll get your own private room, similar to a bed and breakfast, in the home of local host families that have an outstanding reputation and have provided this hospitality numerous times previously, and will give you a rare opportunity to interact and bond with a local family.

Travel to Cuba for tourist activities remains prohibited by statute. However, the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued general licenses for 12 categories of travel. Positive Negatives, in conjunction with one of the most experienced tour operators of Cuban photographic tours for over 15 years, are on top of what’s possible and what is not. We guarantee that our tour will absolutely be in compliance with all regulations.


Just some of the highlights of this exciting photographic and cultural adventure include, but is certainly not limited to:

*Photography in Havana, Cuba’s capitol city, and historic Old Havana, with a walking tour of Havana’s four historic plaza’s
*A venture to Cienfuegos, a waterfront city on Cuba’s south coast known as the “Pearl of Cuba” for its beauty and pristine condition
*A visit to Palacio del Valle, the most famous building in Cienfuegos built in 1930
*A trip to Playa Girón, a beach and village on the east bank of the Bahia de Cochinos
*We’ll Explore Trinidad and interact with the local Cubans
*A mountain expedition to the incredibly scenic and breathtaking destination of Topes de Collantes, with spectacular mountains, rivers, and waterfalls
*An incredible lunch perched 25 stories above Havana with incredible views of the city
*A stop at San Jose market to purchase Cuban arts, clothing and paintings
A trip to “Fusterlandia”, home and neighborhood of Jose Fuster, known as the “Picasso of the Caribbean” for his amazing and world famous ceramic artistry. You will have an opportunity to have your personal tile placed in this neighborhood to mark your spot for perpetuity.  This will be unforgettable!
We’ll visit one of the famous tobacco farms (Finka de Tobaco). Learn how this mainstay crop of Cuba is planted, harvested and prepared for shipping to tobacco factories to bring to final product, with a personal guided tour, after which we’ll visit an authentic tobacco factory in Pinar del Rio, and see how the leaves are transformed into the final product of Cohiba cigars
A special lunch at the only Cuban Organic farm on the island, Finka de Organico, and take a tour of the farm
*A full day excursion to the beautiful mountainous province of Pinar del Rio. This western most region is known for its amazing valleys, landscapes and mountains 
A visit to an elementary school to see how a Cuban student spends a normal day.

*And a Hell of A Lot More!!

Whats Included In This Workshop Is Mind-Boggling

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