Critique Night Guidelines

The Annapolis Photography Workshop Group
Critique Night Guidelines

Details on Submitting Images for Critique Night

1. You can submit up to three images that were taken after July 8th, 2018 that fit the topic of MARYLAND FARMING AND AGRICULTURE as described in the Meetup Details.

2. You need to send me your images in JPG format, and the longest dimension for the image you submit should be 1024 pixels long. So a vertical photo will be 1024 tall by whatever the length comes out to be, and a horizontal photo will be 1024 wide by however tall the height comes out to be.

Your entries must be sent to me no later than 11:59 pm on Monday, September 10th, 2018.

The file name of the image needs to be the title of the image (underscore) and your first and last name. As an example, if the title of an image I submit is called Bay Bridge Sunset, the image file name would be baybridgesunset_davidblecman.jpg

Please, no borders or watermarks on the digital images you submit for critique.

3. Email your entries to with “SEPTEMBER IMAGE CRITIQUE” in the subject line.
Failure to do this will disqualify your images.

4. You must attend the photo critique/educational session for the months that you submit your images. Listed in the detailed Meetup event listing will be the location of the critique, which could vary month to month.

5. All entrants must pay a cash fee of $6 upon arriving at the critique session. The $5 total fee covers from 1-3 submitted images. The extra dollar covers our educational fund for books. Please bring exact cash.

7. At the end of the critique, the total money collected will be distributed to the photographers with the top three selected images.

First Place: 50% of the Pot, Second Place: 30% of the Pot, Third Place: 20% of the Pot