Classy Models, Classic Cars


“Classy Models ~ Classic Cars”

With the Very Classy Amy and Amber


An Outdoor Glamour Photography Workshop
with TWO Incredible Playmate-Style Models
on Awesome Classic Cars

Sponsored in Part By
Our Lab of Choice


Free $25 Lab Credit for All Attendees

Learn How To:

Pose and Incorporate the Models Onto the Cars
Meter Properly and Get Your White Balance Dead-On
Choose Various Focal Lengths for Various Results
And Much More 

Date: September 14, 2013
11am till 2pm

Location: Pasadena, Maryland Secluded Location

Limited to 14 Photographers, So Book NOW

BONUS: Photo Lab Gift Card INCLUDED!


1ST 7 Photographers to Book: $99   <~~ This Price Sold Out
Last 7 Photographers to Book: $119 <~~ 6 Slots Still Available

Model Fee: ONLY $35 Per Model INCLUDES Model Releases


All Workshop Payments are Non-Refundable Unless Workshop is Cancelled
A Rain Date Will Be Announced in the Event of Rain. Credit Will Be Issued If Rain Date Isn’t Suitable for You
Models Provided Are Always Subject to Change. Come for the Education, Not Just for the Models!

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