Becoming a Better Photographer Four-Week Course



The Positive Negatives Four-Course
Photography Program

If you have a desire to become a better photographer,
then this four-week course is perfect for you.

All sessions will take place from 7pm – 9pm at
Positive Negatives
in Annapolis, MD

All Four Sessions are Only $105 Payable in Advance


Session One, February 28th:

  • Learn Your Camera
  • The obvious and the not-so-obvious.
  • The Exposure Triangle; These are the three major elements in the process of creating an image.
  • Understand Depth of Field and Aperture
  • Understand Shutter Speed
  • Understand ISO and Sensor Sensitivity
  • Understand Your Camera’s Metering System and What Your Camera “Sees”
  • Learn Evaluative Matrix Metering, Spot Metering, and Center-Weighted Metering, and when and how to utilize them.

Session Two, March 7th:

  • Understand Exposure Compensation
  • Learn the Importance of an Incident Meter
  • Understand the Relevance and Importance of Gray in Photography
  • Understand Color Temperature and White Balance
  • RAW vs JPG
  • Why You Will Be Shooting In RAW From Now On
  • Getting Your Images Tack Sharp
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Manual Focus vs Auto Focus
  • Live View Focusing (if applicable to your camera)
  • Why You Must Have, and Use, a Good Tripod
  • Back Button Focusing. You’ll Never Switch Back

Session Three, March 14th:

  • Learning Lightroom and Photoshop Basics, Plus Plug-Ins

Session Four, March 21st:

  • Critiquing Your Homework Assignments

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